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Conserveira do Sul’s Good Boy Tuna Paste is made with fresh fish from the Portuguese coast and carefully selected to ensure freshness and quality.
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The pâtés from Conserveira do Sul are mostly made with fresh fish caught off the Portuguese coast. Carefully selected at the time of purchase, intact fish are sought after, with bright eyes and skin, firm flesh to the touch and red gills. It is then transported under appropriate conditions to the factory located close to the fishing port of Olhão. At the entrance, the fish is packed in perforated plastic boxes, and then stored in a fresh storage chamber at a temperature of 0-2°C, thus ensuring quality and freshness.

The fame and reputation of Garum ibericum (species of fish paste) dates back to Roman times. It was a little consumed product, but its presentation in individual portions and the increase in its durability has led to a growing demand.


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