Temptation of the Sea Gift Basket

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With the Sea Temptation Gift Basket, you can complete your basket according to your preference. We chose two main products and left the others to choose from. Venture out.
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Canned Fish
Canned Fish
In a jar
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As we cannot bring fresh sardines and other fish to your table, try the Manná preserves to help you from a distance or even here to taste this snack in good company, as well as the Good Boy pâtés. We went to Tavira to get the crushed olives for your aperitif, the pepper paste, bay leaf and oregano to season the meats, fish, salads and pasta, passing through Olhão we brought the Belamandil fleur de sel and the preserves. In Faro, we collected the almonds roasted with honey and the mini carob tablets and ended our trip in Albufeira with Piri-Piri, which has a mild taste but enough to enhance the flavor of your dishes.


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