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Deluxe Gift Basket

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The Deluxe Gift Basket offers you the best of the sea, the mountains and the inner Algarve. Through savory and sweet delicacies and excellent wines and sparkling wines.

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The Deluxe Gift Basket offers you the best of the sea, the mountains and the Algarve barrocal, giving you the pleasure of tasting, remembering the sun and the beach, the sea breeze, recreating the satisfaction of relaxing on a terrace enjoying an excellent wine or Algarvian sparkling wine, a short distance from the Mediterranean coast and the beautiful beaches of this region.

From the hills to the coast, red, white or rosé wines, as well as Algarve-style sparkling wines, go well with red meat, game, white meat, sausages, fish and seafood. In this exquisite basket we offer some suggestions to pair with Algarve wines and sparkling wines according to your preference, such as Painho, Chouriço and Black Pork Ham from the inland. The tasty Good Boy tuna and sardine pâtés, produced from fresh fish caught on the Portuguese coast, or the Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These sardines from Conserveira do Sul were even awarded a Gold medal in 2020. Or the Mackerel Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also a regional product from the Algarve, awarded a gold medal in the 2019 national canning competition.
To finish off your most elaborate dishes, Belamandil and Marnoto Fleur de Sel, harvested daily, manually and in small quantities, through a meticulous process of selecting the best salt crystals, light and fragile, on the surface of the small salt pans in Olhão. In this way, “Flor de Sal” reaches you in its purest and most natural state, without additives or washing, just as nature offers us.
As a salt substitute, Salicornia appears as an excellent healthy complement to any diet. With a lower sodium content than sea salt, the mild salty flavor, known as “Green Salt”, is also due to the presence of several minerals in this plant. Salicornia is also rich in vitamins, fiber and proteins. This product is truly unique, and Salivitae is the only company in the country that produces this variety of salicornia naturally, organically and with organic certification.

And because this Deluxe Hamper could not only be made up of savory delicacies, we bring you the sweet elements through the magnificent honeys from the S. Bartolomeu de Messines area of the municipality of Silves. But also the traditional Fig and Almond Morgado, Doce Fino and Fig, Carob and Almond “Broas” biscuits.

Allow yourself to enjoy and surprise yourself with this Deluxe Basket, rich in flavors, aromas, colors, smells and textures that will transport you to the Algarve, the region of sun, sea and beach, but also the mountains and its people.


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