Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maçanilha Monterosa


Maçanilha Monterosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil, balanced, with a rich fruitiness and fresh herb aftertaste. Awarded with Gold and Silver medals at international level.
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The Monterosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced on a farm with 15 hectares of olive groves in the Eastern Algarve in Moncarapacho. The olives are picked by hand and immediately transported to the mill where they are ground with granite millstones, in a mechanical process that dates back to Roman times. The Algarvian Maçanilha olive is tolerant to drought, cold and salinity, thus being perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. The oil produced with them is very elegant and balanced, with a rich fruitiness and a taste of freshly cut herbs. These olives are picked very early, when their antioxidant content is highest.

In 2020, Maçanilha Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded two medals, one Silver in New York which had 900 participants from 26 countries and one Gold medal in Tokyo which had 700 participants from 23 countries.

Recently, the Monterosa Maçanilha Algarvia Olive Oil has won more international awards:

  • New York International Olive Oil Competition 2022 – silver medal for Maçanilha Algarvia
    (This is the most prestigious international competition for extra virgin olive oil, with the participation of 1244 oils from 28 countries.)
  • Olive Japan 2022 – silver medal for Maçanilha Algarvia
  • Huiles du Monde 2022 – Maçanilha Algarvia was once again distinguished with a Gourmet Certificate.

Fresh in flavor and with a slight spicy aftertaste. The essence of Mediterranean cuisine, now in your cooking.


It helps to control cholesterol levels, prevents the development of heart disease, protects the heart against free radical damage, helps to reduce inflammation in the body and prevents premature aging.

It contains a high content of alpha-tocopherol, the main precursor of vitamin E, recognized for its antioxidant capacity. However, being a fat, it should be consumed in a moderate way.

Usage suggestions

The best olive oil to consume raw is extra virgin olive oil. Perfect in salads, sautéed vegetables, bread, cheese and fish.

Additional information

Composition : Olive Maçanilha de l’Algarve, acidité maximale 0,2 %
Poids net : 250 ml
Type d’emballage : Verre
Durée de conservation moyenne : 24 mois
Conservation : Température ambiante et à l’abri de la lumière


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