Bay Leaves


The bay leaves (or laurel) is an aromatic herb that serves as a delicate spice. The bay leaf will add another depth of flavor to your cooking.

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A symbol of nobility and immortality, laurel (bay leaves) has also been used in cooking for centuries, for its flavor and benefits. It is known to have numerous therapeutic properties. Coming from the Mediterranean, it grows well in warm climates. It is common to use its leaves when dry, and all their volatile and flavorful oils are preserved and are released when soaking or crushing the leaves. In addition, dried ones have a much more delicate and warm aroma than fresh ones, when they retain a much more bitter taste.

The bay leaf adds another depth of flavor to cooked dishes. The laurel we use in the Algarve is grown spontaneously. To harvest its leaves, the branches are cut to ensure new growth and then dried in the shade before being hand-packed.


An infusion of this powerful aromatic herb helps fight many health problems, including dyspepsia, lack of appetite and gastrointestinal problems, at night it helps with insomnia and anxiety.

It’s surprising how this tiny leaf is so rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It even helps fight bad cholesterol and relieves the body of triglycerides. These leaves serve as a seasoning and should not be eaten.

Usage suggestions

Widely used to make tasty stews, broths and soups. In order for them to release all their flavor, it is advisable that the leaves are opened lengthwise, thus taking advantage of all their aromatic potential.

Additional information

Composition:100% Bay leaves
Net weight: 15gr
Type of packaging: Plastic
Average shelf life: 36 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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