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Sea Gift Basket

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The Sea Git Basket brings together typical delicacies that benefit from the sun, the sea breeze and the mild and favorable climate. Rich flavors of the Algarve coast and the richness of the sea.

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Canned Fish
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From the coast arrive appetizing delicacies made with time, memory, knowledge and unique flavors.

The Algarve coast, which stretches over 200 km, is made up of the famous paradisiacal beaches, but also high and rocky cliffs, jagged lagoons, muddy rivers rich in biodiversity, presents us with unparalleled raw materials that enrich the culture and gastronomy from the south of Portugal. It is the wealth of the Algarve sea, the salt pans on the coast, the Ria Formosa Natural Park and the many orchards and vineyards overlooking the ocean that come from the natural, organic and artisanal products that make up the Cabaz do Mar.

Benefiting from the sea breeze and almost 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year, the delicacies that you can find here are guaranteed to take those who taste them on a journey through the beaches, the temperate climate, the calm and inviting waters of the Algarve. For those who know it, it is a return to the memories of the sun, gastronomy and the beach, for those who have not yet had this pleasure, it is certainly an irresistible invitation.

Algarve cuisine tastes like the sea. Fish and seafood are naturally the standard bearers of the quality of Algarve food. In this basket you will find a sample of these flavors of the sea, through seasonings and authentic delicacies from the coast of Portugal, perfect to serve as a starter or aperitif, adding unique and exceptional elements to your meals. Like the sardine paste, the Portuguese mackerel fillets and the crushed olives in brine, perfect to serve with toast or bread and whet your appetite for the main meal. At the same time, allow yourself to transcend your cooking with a touch of refinement and novelty, through unique and genuine seasonings such as the Algarve Fleur de sel, the result of a manual selection of the best salt crystals… Or even Piri- piri Habanero hot sauce for those who appreciate strong and striking flavors that defy the palate. But leaf oregano and grappling fig vinegar can also make all the difference when seasoning a salad or a vegetable dish.

To finish off and add even more to all these flavors, a wine of excellence like Esquerdino Branco Antão Vaz, intense and relaxed, produced under the freshness of the sea winds, in clay/limestone soil with the “terroir” of Quinta do Canhoto in Albufeira, where this monovariety develops. It is small details like these that make mealtime a true tasting experience, to share with those you love most, the heritage of a coastal land, rich in sun, sea, fauna and flora.


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