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Discovery Gift Basket

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The Discovery Gift Basket offers you the possibility to taste a little of what is good and genuine in the Algarve. Let’s start discovering!

Olive Oil
Canned fish
In a jar?
Olive dish?
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We start with Extra Virgin Olive Oils, balanced and with a rich fruitiness, produced from Maçanilha Algarvia, Galega or Cobrançosa olives harvested by small producers from centuries-old olive trees without the need to resort to chemical treatments. As olive trees are not subjected to disinfection, it could almost be considered organic olive oil. The essence of Mediterranean cuisine, now in your cooking.
Near Tavira, we find the typical Portuguese aperitif, Crushed Olives in Brine which is harvested by hand by producers in the region and prepared in an ancestral way, in a 100% natural preserve. Red pepper paste is a typical seasoning of Portuguese cuisine, used to season fish, meat, pasta, rice or vegetables. Made with peppers grown in Tavira, it results in a natural preserve prepared by hand. Oregano leaf is the aromatic herb that most symbolizes Mediterranean culture, much appreciated and used in the Algarve, as well as in the rest of the country. This aromatic herb gives dishes a completely different flavor, as it has an intense and deliciously active taste. The bay leaf adds another depth of flavor to cooked dishes. The laurel tree we use in the Algarve grows spontaneously.
In Serra do Caldeirão, Painho and Iberian Pork Chorizo are produced by hand, typical delicacies of Portuguese cuisine, and where they are cured in a traditional smokehouse. From Alcoutim comes to us the highest quality Sliced Ham from the Algarve Mountains made in the tradition of our ancestors, without preservatives or chemicals.
In Olhão we harvest Fleur de Sel Belamandil and Marnoto in a traditional and ancestral way. And near Alvor we discovered the cultivation of Salicornia, green salt. It’s not just a healthy, plant-based substitute for salt, it’s a super food. Also in Olhão we have Conserveira do Sul, a factory located close to the fishing port and where the delicious Sardine, Tuna and sardine and mackerel in cans that we suggest here are carefully prepared.
And we finish the tasting itinerary of our Discovery Basket, in Albufeira where Piri-piri Habanero, native to Mexico, are grown outdoors on a farm in Albufeira, in the Algarve. They are then harvested by hand and prepared in a traditional way to add intensity to your cooking. Also close to Albufeira, in Algoz, Fateixa Fig Vinegar, in spray form, is produced by hand from dried figs in an Algarve farm. An exquisite vinegar capable of impressing the senses.


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