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Experience Gift Basket

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The Experience Gift Basket is an irresistible invitation. Embark on an experience of flavors, aromas, colors, smells and textures that will transport you to the Algarve.

Wines & Sparkling wines
Canned fish
Fig & Almond
Mini tablets
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The Experience Basket is an irresistible invitation. It’s not for everyone. It’s for the most daring. It is for those who like adventures and experiencing the good things in life, whether in nature, in another country, at home, or even at mealtime. From the boldest to the simplest. Did you identify yourself? Good. Then this basket is for you.

Unique, challenging flavors, from sweet to bitter, and even spicy! There it is, it’s a true experience. Take a shot.
Our proposal aims to bring that adventurous and daring spirit to your home, to your cooking, making meal times even more interesting and pleasurable.
Here is our suggestion.

Start by remembering and recreating the delicious and relaxing experience of enjoying a refreshing wine or sparkling wine on a terrace by the sea.
However, in Portuguese cuisine we bring the soul to the cooking, through the love we put into preparing the dishes, but also through the seasonings. Varied, strong, striking, some exuberant, others softer and more pleasant. Seasonings are an important part of cooking, to enhance flavors and provide moments of pleasure and comfort.

In this Experience Basket, we bring you three. Natural, authentic, from genuine producers who produce them with soul. Fateixa Fig Vinegar, produced on a family farm with its own diverse orchard. The Fateixa Fig Vinegar, which you will find in this basket, is produced from dried figs, exclusive and refined. With unique characteristics, this dark-colored vinegar with a sweet and sour flavor is well used in salads, starters, main dishes, desserts and vinegar-based cocktails. Let your imagination run wild.
And near Alvor we discovered the cultivation of Salicornia, green salt. It’s not just a healthy, plant-based substitute for salt, it’s an organic super food.

And if you enjoy strong, striking flavors that challenge your palate, Piri-piri Habanero will be a regular presence in your cooking. Natural from Mexico and grown on a farm in Albufeira, it is harvested by hand and prepared in a traditional way, preserving its characteristic flavor. It increases the level of serotonin and endorphins, known as the “pleasure hormones”, making us feel happier and more relaxed.

Moving on to snacks, ideal for serving on toast or toast as a starter, Good Boy Sardine and Tuna Pates are made from fresh fish from the Portuguese coast and seasoned with aromatic ingredients. Don’t forget to try the sardine and mackerel fillets preserved with extra virgin olive oil. Share these Algarve delicacies in pleasant moments with family or friends.

And to sweeten this tasting experience, some delicious suggestions: the Figs Filled with Almond and Chocolate and the Fig and Almond Morgado and the Mini Carob Tablets. In addition to being delicious, they are a source of energy and, therefore, the ideal snack. A sweet experience that awakens the palate. The mini Carob tablets are an exclusive immersion in the rich and warm aromas of the Mediterranean. These delicious tablets were created to appeal to lovers of sophisticated experiences, who love to immerse themselves in strong and exotic aromas. Piece by piece, the flavor invades the palate and continues in a finish that transports us to the arid Mediterranean landscape. Carob is a product rich in qualities and is abundant in the Algarve, which is why we have a basket dedicated to it. To learn more about this Algarve relic, see our Carob Basket.
It is in Bela Salema, near Faro, that Algarve Almonds Toasted with Honey, fleur de sel, sugar and coconut oil are carefully prepared. An appetizer rich in flavors and texture, sweet with savory nuances, and crunchy. The Fig Stars are also a delight for the most demanding.

If you already know the good products that are made here, some of which are still produced by small producers, you know that you will want to repeat the experience. But if you haven’t had that pleasure yet, this is the ideal opportunity. Live the experience.


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