Our Story…

We have known the Algarve for over 40 years and we have lived here for over 30 years.

In this discovery we fell in love. We fell in love with the experience of these people, their connection to the land and the sea, for what their sources of survival offer them and for the resilient way in which over the centuries they were able to work and maintain the tradition in the confection of delicacies that we can only find here.

The close contact with these wonderful people, on the streets, in restaurants, at themed parties, at fairs and street markets, led us to discover that despite all the technological evolution, know-how and traditions are passed on from generation to generation. This has an inestimable value and that’s why we feel this call to preserve it, spreading it and providing it to all who are looking for it. On our way, we met small producers with their ancient knowledge and ancestral methods in transforming local products and natural raw materials into gastronomic delicacies and sweets, so characteristic of the Algarve. But we also found many young people who, based on their origins, linked to the land or the sea, have been innovating and thriving, creating products of excellence and, thus, combining tradition with innovation with a lot of creativity.

Also having a close contact with tourists and listening to their conversations and sharing about how they are amazed not only by the people and the welcoming way in which they are received, but by the landscapes, the climate, the peace they find here and, of course, much for gastronomy as well. In the discovery of new flavors, genuine and excellent products such as the famous wines of Portugal, olive oil, honey, salt, among so many other products that in the Algarve are found in their most natural, organic and authentic form possible! And the best is… this wonder and authenticity are what our baskets are made of.

It was in this discovery and in this enchantment by the south of Portugal that the Algarve Tasting Basket was born. We are a family brand and we do everything in-house, handpicking each producer and delicacy.

When we travel we grow and evolve culturally and part of this experience also involves tasting the typical products of the different regions we visit, but when we return to our routine, to the place where we live and remember the good things, we want to go back. And it’s not always possible… Algarve Tasting Basket now brings you that possibility. This nostalgia is now real through our baskets filled with delights prepared with local raw materials. And in addition to what you already know, you will also have the opportunity to try new flavors that local producers so lovingly prepare to delight us.

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The founders of Algarve Tasting Basket

“Algarve flavours delivered to your doorstep”

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We want to provide you with the good that we received when we arrived here too. We want to share with you the best we have found. We want you to also experience what we love most about this region. If you’ve never visited the Algarve and still don’t know us, Algarve Tasting Basket gives you this excellent opportunity. If you are from here or already know this region, then you know the richness of what we have to offer.

We hope you enjoy yourself, that you “travel” and, above all, that you can feel the affection and commitment that we all put into these treats, from the harvest, to the confection and preparation of each basket.

Please, feel welcome here. We’re waiting for you in our online store.