Figs Filled with Almonds and Chocolate


In addition to being delicious, Figs stuffed with Almond and Chocolate are an energy source and, therefore, the ideal snack. A sweet experience that awakens the palate.
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The figs of the regional variety called Cotio, are dried in the sun or roasted in wood ovens, and can also be flavored. The almonds are blanched, peeled and coarsely ground to add to the chocolate with cinnamon, fennel, anise and sugar, key ingredients to bring the natural fruits even more flavor. The figs are prepared by pulling their feet up and cutting them lengthwise and it is through this that the figs are stuffed with the delicious almond mixture, disguising the opening. Finally roasted in the oven, they are ready. Irresistible.

Dried figs have a long shelf life and therefore soon became a favored food during the winter, when harvests are poorer. In order to surprise the eye and the palate, these two products began to be worked in the most diverse ways, including stuffed with other ingredients. By oral tradition, it is known that seafarers took the Figos Cheios as an energy source, when they set out for distant or coastal fishing.


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