White Sparkling Wine Grande Reserva Natural Brut


Quê 02

This spectacular Sparkling White Grande Reserve Brut Natural, known as “Quê 02”, is a true jewel of Quinta do Barranco Longo, in Casa Agrícola do Algoz, located in the idyllic municipality of Silves, in the Algarve region , Portugal.
A true wine treasure that deserves to be appreciated with all the senses.

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Quinta do Barranco Longo, whose birth took place under the care of Rui Virgínia in 2001, is a production house dedicated to the creation and sale of excellent still and sparkling wines. Its commitment to quality begins with the meticulous selection of national and international grape varieties, taking advantage of the blessings of the region’s terroir. The vineyards on this farm are blessed with clay-limestone soils and benefit from a distinctly Mediterranean climate, characterized by generous sun exposure. This entire scenario culminates in the production of 100% Algarve wines of exceptional quality.

The harvest is carried out manually, a gesture of care and dedication that preserves the integrity of the grapes (Arinto and Chardonnay). Vinification takes place in stainless steel vats with shakers, ensuring precise temperature control. After this initial stage, a batonnage process follows and a period of aging on the fine lees, which contributes to the complexity and richness of the White Sparkling Grande Reserva Brut Natural.

The second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, according to the classic method, and is followed by a minimum of one year of aging in the bottle before disgorgement. This artisanal process results in perfect effervescence and harmonious maturation.

In addition to its notable flavor and aroma characteristics with touches of toasted almonds and green apple, Quinta do Barranco Longo’s Grande Reserva Brut Natural White Sparkling Wine is a sparkling wine friendly to vegetarians and vegans, making it a inclusive option for all wine lovers.

This is a sparkling wine that reflects the dedication, passion and expertise of its production, and each sip is a celebration of the Algarve terroir and Quinta do’s commitment to quality. Long Gully.


Drinking the Grande Reserva Brut Natural White Sparkling Wine “Quê 02” from Quinta do Barranco Longo can bring several benefits and pleasures to your experience. However, it is important to remember that excessive alcohol consumption can have adverse health effects.
Drinking responsibly is essential to make the most of the positive aspects of “Quê 02” and avoid any negative impacts on health.

Usage suggestions

Always consume moderately and responsibly. The act of enjoying a glass of this sparkling wine can be a way to celebrate achievements, birthdays, and significant moments in your life.
Strengthen social ties and create special memories, with family, friends or other important events. It goes very well with oysters, clams, cataplanas, grilled sole and cheeses. It is recommended that it be consumed between 10 – 12 ºC

Additional information

Composition: Arinto and Chardonnay grape varieties (11.0%vol.)
Net weight: 750g
Type of packaging: Glass and cork
Average shelf life: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature

Allergen: N/A


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