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Mountains Gift Basket


In the Algarve Mountains Gift Basket you will find a smell of the sea with a predominance of flavors from the Algarve mountains, through natural products produced by hand in the region.

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Appetizing delicacies arrive from the lands of the Algarve interior. With your eyes on the sea, in the distance, taste and smell will delight with the best that the inland has to offer. Get ready, because the Mountains Gift Baket will take you on a true journey to the rural world.

Many know the Algarve for its paradisiacal beaches, but this region is not just made up of the coast. In fact, just a few kilometers from the coast, there are imposing mountain ranges, rich in biodiversity and priceless raw materials. This mountainous region occupies 50% of the Algarve’s territory and is made up of three main mountains: Espinhaço de Cão, Caldeirão and Monchique, where the highest point in the Algarve, Fóia at 902 meters of altitude.

The Barrocal Algarvio is the area that unites the coast and the mountains in a perfect fusion between countryside and sea, which, due to its differentiated characteristics, offers us excellent conditions and opportunities for cultivation. This area is traditionally the main supplier of agricultural products in the Algarve, where its famous arbutus, honey and cork stand out.
With the sea at your back, your eyes fill with green. You can walk on limestone and schist rocks, among thickets and undergrowth. Perfumes are intoxicating and awaken the senses to what awaits us at the table. Here wild species such as rock roses and rosemary grow naturally, and others planted by man, such as almond trees, carob trees, olive trees, orange trees, fig trees and strawberry trees, which greatly benefit from the quality of the soil and the mild climate.

It is from this region rich in fauna and flora that the raw materials come to produce artisanal, biological and as natural delicacies as possible. Like Rosemary, a floral species that is abundant in the Algarve mountains and which allows you to create a translucent golden honey, quite viscous, with an intense and sweet floral aroma.

Portuguese cuisine is very famous and it’s easy to see why. The products are of high quality, regional raw materials are privileged, many of them from small local producers, the dishes are varied and all the delicacies are capable of making anyone’s mouth water. The Algarve is an excellent example of this and the Algarve Tasting Basket baskets was created to bring you the best and most authentic of this rich region.

In the Algarve Mountains Gift Basket you will find a scent of the sea, but above all the predominance of the flavors of the mountains.


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