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Red pepper paste is a typical seasoning of Portuguese cuisine. Made from peppers grown in Tavira, it results in a natural preserve prepared by hand.

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Pepper paste is a typical seasoning of Portuguese cuisine. This was obtained from peppers grown by small producers in the region of Tavira, in the Algarve, which, after being picked, are prepared by hand in a traditional way through brine. When the brine period is over, a natural preserve in water and salt, the peppers are crushed raw and seasoned with a little vinegar to prevent fermentation.

This results in the typical pepper mass that is finally packed in glass jars and then ready to use. Without any preservatives and chemical additives, this product keeps naturally for many months.

We recommend, after opening the jar, to put a thin layer of olive oil on top of the paste that remains in the jar to avoid oxidation.


It strengthens the immune system, is rich in antioxidants – such as lycopene – that contribute to the reduction of cardiovascular problems. It is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

The red pepper that translates into this delicacy, is the type that has the highest values of ascorbic acid and beta-carotene (10 times more than the green pepper).

Usage suggestions

With origins in the Algarve, pepper paste is also widely used in the Alentejo region and in the Portuguese Islands. With a wide range of applications, from seasoning to meat, fish, stews, pasta and rice. As a delicacy resulting from the brine process, you can dispense with salt in some dishes, due to its already notoriously salty flavor.

As a personal preference, we suggest you try this seasoning in a white wine marinade with pepper paste and aromatic herbs and thus enjoy a closer taste of the rich tradition of our Algarve.

Additional information

Composition: Red pepper, salt, vinegar and acetic acid
Net weight: 230gr
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: 18 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature and protected from light


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