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Southern Excellence Gift Basket

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For a special occasion, the Southern Excellence Gift Basket brings together options of excellent Algarve products: Wines and Sparkling Wines, Olive Oils, Jams and Butters, Almonds and Figs.

Vines & Sparkling Wines
Olive Oil
Jam & Butter
Almond & Fig
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The Southern Excellence Gift Basket was designed so that you can gift those you love most with Algarve flavors and high quality products.

All the products that are part of this selection of excellence are carefully produced here in the Algarve and some of them are also internationally known and awarded awards both in Portugal and abroad. It is the unique characteristics of the soil and climate of this magnificent region that give rise to these magnificent products.

Algarve wines, sparkling wines and olive oils always remain an unexpected tasting discovery.

Figs, almonds and oranges, which are also part of the traditional diet of the Algarve population, are one of the region’s emblematic and rich delicacies. They are used as dessert fruit, in jams and sweets or in appetizers or snacks. This Fig Jam found on this basket is made with figs produced in-house in the Guia area of Albufeira. Orange Jam is handcrafted with oranges from the Tavira region. The Butters are carefully prepared in Bela Salema, near Faro. Roasted Algarve Almonds with honey, fleur de sel, sugar and coconut oil are also made here. An appetizer rich in flavors and texture, sweet with savory nuances, and crunchy. The Fig Stars are also a delight for the most demanding.

Take the opportunity to taste these excellent products in special moments with family and friends or offer them to your team and employees.


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