Orange Liqueur from the Algarve


Algarve Orange Liqueur produced regionally in Silves using traditional methods. Sweet and light flavor, perfect to accompany a dessert or confectionery.

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Orange liqueur is a regional product, produced in what is considered the Orange Capital of the Algarve, the city of Silves. Handcrafted from oranges from the region, orange brandy from the same producer and sugar.

It goes through a fermentation process that varies between 8 to 15 days, then it is distilled in a copper still heated with wood fire and finally bottled. With a sweet and light taste, orange liqueur perfectly accompanies a dessert or confectionery.


Given its alcohol content, it should be consumed in moderation. In small doses it has an excellent effect on the immune system and improves mood.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited for minors under 18 and pregnant and lactating women.

Usage suggestions

Drink fresh as a digestive and in moderate amounts. It is customary to drink the drink slowly, in small sips, enjoying the aroma and sweetness. You can add some ice cubes to the glass depending on your preference. The liqueur goes well with desserts, ice cream, fruits and berries.

Additional information

Composition: Oranges, orange brandy and sugar. 21% vol.
Net weight: 200ml
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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