Fleur de Sel Belamandil


The harvest of Fleur de Sel Belamandil is done in a traditional and ancestral way. Selection of the best salt crystals, light and fragile, in their purest state.

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The location of the Necton company and its salt pans in Belamandil, Olhão, gives the name to this “Fleur de Sel” brand. A range with contemporary design, combined with totally environmentally friendly materials, which at the same time allow their reuse. The harvest of Flor de Sal Belamandil is done in a traditional and ancestral way.

“Flor de Sal” is the name given to the first salt crystals, light and fragile, that form and remain on the surface of small salt pans, where they are collected daily in small quantities. A manual operation is carried out where only a very thin film of salt crystals that form on the surface of the salt water is removed. Through this meticulous process, salt reaches all consumers in its purest and most natural state, free from additives or washing, and therefore healthier. Just as nature offers us.


The fleur de sel is rich in minerals which gives it an advantage over industrially processed salt and which incomparably enhances the “bouquet” of food flavors.

Contains a wide variety of minerals, a natural source of trace elements.

Usage suggestions

Ideal for seasoning and finishing cooked dishes, enhancing and awakening flavors, and even in some characteristic drinks such as Mojitos and Margaritas, bringing them a unique and refined touch.

Additional information

Composition: 100% pure natural salt
Net weight: 125gr
Type of packaging: Cardboard and cork
Average validity time: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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