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Algarve Seasoning Basket

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The Algarve Seasoning Basket brings together the richness of Mediterranean flavors, directly from the Algarve for your cooking. Aromatic herbs, fleur de sel, pepper paste and traditional piri-piri.

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Choose this gift basket and offer flavors. The entire Mediterranean region is known for the richness of its seasonings in the kitchen. From aromatic herbs, fleur de sel, pepper paste and piri-piri.

To add more flavor and joy to your dishes, complete your pantry with pepper paste, which has several applications in your cooking, enriching it even further. Don’t hesitate to use bay leaves and oregano, which also go well with a wide range of dishes. For piri-piri lovers, be sure to try this Habanero with a mild and very pleasant flavor produced traditionally in the Algarve. And the perfect finishing touch, the fleur de sel, the most delicate of the salt crystals that are taken from the Algarve salt pans.

Indulge in these delicacies from our Algarve, sharing them with those closest to you in simple or more special moments.


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