Fig and Almond “Cheese” from Algarve


The Fig and Almond Cheese from the Algarve is a delicious traditional sweet that combines the best ingredients of the region: figs, almonds, arbutus with fennel and cinnamon.
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In the warm land of the Algarve, the sweetest and most delicious fig is produced. In this exceptional delicacy, the dried figs are cut horizontally and the peeled almonds into slivers. A layer of figs is placed inside a sheet or a strip of empreita, set in a circle on the floured bench, covered with almond shavings and sprinkled with arbutus brandy. Continue like this until you fill the mold, ending up in a layer of figs. Traditionally they were made in the form of small cheeses. Dried figs have a long shelf life and soon became a favored food during the winter, when harvests are poorer.

It is believed to have a popular origin and is justified by the traditional production of figs in this region, as well as almonds. It is a common sweet in the mountainous regions of the Algarve. Traditionally, it was eaten on the 1st of May, a holiday on which people went to have lunch in the countryside.


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