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Gourmet Gift Basket


The Gourmet Gift Basket brings together products of excellence that impress the senses. Selected for those who appreciate exquisite tasting experiences.

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Our Gourmet Basket brings together excellent products from the Algarve, between the mountains and the coast. Selected for those who appreciate exquisite tasting experiences and the discovery of new aromas and textures that impress the senses.

Every corner of the Algarve has its characteristic products. From the coast, which is fruit and fish-growing, open to the Mediterranean since ancient times, we find here the cities of Vila Real de Santo António, Tavira, Faro, Albufeira, Portimão, Lagos and Sagres. Moving on to the Barrocal, which is characterized by gentle ravines, where almond, fig, carob, olive and citrus trees are cultivated, we talk about Castro Marim, Loulé, Querença, Salir, Alte, S.B. Messines and Silves among others. Finally, the Serra, with the Serra de Monchique to the west, the Serra de Espinhaço de Cão and the Serra do Caldeirão to the east, forming a barrier that naturally separates the Algarve from the rest of the Portuguese territory. Here we find a predominance of blackthorn and strawberry tree, from which the famous medronho brandy is obtained, which is still produced using ancestral methods, like the one you will find in this basket. An organic arbutus brandy, selected and harvested by hand deep inside the Serra do Caldeirão.

In Moncarapacho, in the municipality of Olhão, olives also continue to be picked by hand and immediately transported to the mill, where they are ground with granite millstones, in a mechanical process that dates back to Roman times. Resulting in a rich and authentic Monterosa Maçanilha Extra Virgin Olive Oil, even awarded a gold medal in 2021.
And figs, which are also part of the traditional diet of the people of the Algarve. When fresh, it is used as a dessert fruit or in jams and sweets. This jam that you can find on the Gourmet Basket is made with figs from their own production in the Guia area in Albufeira. The dried ones are used in the rich and varied Algarve sweets, such as these fig and almond stars, made at home in a traditional way and with products produced in-house in São Bartolomeu de Messines.

Walking further to the northeast of the Algarve, in the municipality of Alcoutim is Monte do Zambujal, a hidden place where the customs of the mountains and the preservation of know-how are combined, resulting in excellent products full of tradition. This is the case of this “black pork” ham, raised in freedom and with a natural diet. No additives, no preservatives and 100% natural.

As you may have noticed, this Gourmet Basket takes you on a real journey. The Algarve mountains range takes us to the border with the Alentejo and is located between the Barrocal and the Algarve coast. Between rounded peaks, rivers, canals and streams, the landscape presents us with many of the most characteristic species of southern Portugal. From this panorama rich in flavors and knowledge that are passed on from generation to generation, the most authentic and emblematic delicacies are produced, which are the portrait of an affectionate and welcoming people with all those who wish to meet them.


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