Rosemary Honey from the Algarve


Rosemary Honey from the Algarve comes from wild rosemary species from the mountains. With an intense and sweet floral aroma, it is a viscous and juicy honey.
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In Portugal wild rosemary honey comes from the species of Lavandula stoechas stoechas, Lavandula stoechas luisieri, Lavandula pedunculata or Lavandula viridis, which happily abound in the Algarve mountains, integrated into a and flora almost intact due to low human activity. Thus enabling the bees to nourish themselves and present us with an excellent quality honey.

Rosemary honey is very viscous, succulent and translucent golden in color, characteristic of the flora that serves as a pasture for bees. Produced and extracted in late spring, it has an intense and sweet floral aroma.


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