Dr Labareda – Hot Sauce Drop by Drop


Meet Dr. Labareda, the spicy savant with a flair for flavor! This concoction, featuring the notorious Carolina Reaper, earns its Portuguese moniker ‘Dr. Flames’ for its Algarve-grown peppers that spark a fiery yet delicious experience.

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Housed in a glass container resembling medicine, equipped with a precision pipette, this sauce is your invitation to a journey – drop by drop, into a realm where heat meets harmony. It’s not just about setting your taste buds ablaze; it’s about savoring the richness and depth of flavor that only Algarve-grown peppers can deliver.

Dr. Labareda dares the adventurous souls to savor the vibrant taste of the region’s finest peppers. Yes, it’s hot, but behind every scorching sensation lies a symphony of flavors waiting to be discovered. Let it tantalize your palate, adding a kick to your culinary escapades without compromising on the authentic Algarvian taste.

From tangy and zesty to a slow burn that builds character, this sauce encapsulates the essence of the Algarve in every drop. Embrace the heat with caution, but embrace it nonetheless for the savory journey it promises.


The Carolina Reaper, famous for its title as the world’s hottest pepper, is not only an intense culinary experience, but also offers surprising health benefits. This pepper is rich in capsaicin, which can stimulate the release of endorphins, the “happiness hormones”, providing a feeling of well-being. While it’s crucial to enjoy this fiery pepper in moderation, spicy enthusiasts can reap not only the culinary pleasure but also the potential health benefits.

Usage suggestions

This hot sauce can add an intense, fiery kick to your meals, but it’s important to use it in moderation due to its extreme level of pungency. You can put it in seasonings for meat, sauces and condiments, seafood, pickles and preserves and dishes with an exotic flavor.

Additional information

Composition: Carolina Reaper powder, Sunflower Oil, garlic, ginger, black pepper, lemon and salt
Net weight: 100ml
Type of packaging: Glass and plastic pipette
Average shelf life: 2 years
Storage: Cool and dry place and in the refrigerator after opening.


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