Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lagar Santa Catarina


Lagar Santa Catarina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, balanced and with a rich fruitiness, produced from Maçanilha Algarvia and Galega olives. The essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

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Lagar de Santa Catarina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with Maçanilha Algarvia and Galega varieties, harvested by small producers of centuries-old olive trees without the need for chemical treatments. As the olive trees are not subjected to disinfection, it could almost be considered organic olive oil. The Galega olive is one of the exclusively Portuguese varieties, characterized by its small size and pointed shape. It is an olive perfectly suited to today’s most demanding markets, where natural products are increasingly in demand.

The Algarvian Maçanilha olive is tolerant to drought, cold and salinity, thus being perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. The oil produced from these two varieties is balanced, with rich fruitiness and nuances of green fruits, freshly cut herbs and some almond notes. The essence of Mediterranean cuisine, now in your cooking.


It helps to control cholesterol levels, prevents the development of heart disease, protects the heart against free radical damage, helps to reduce inflammation in the body and prevents premature aging.
It contains a high content of alpha-tocopherol, the main precursor of vitamin E, recognized for its antioxidant capacity. However, being a fat, it should be consumed in a moderate way.

Usage suggestions

The best olive oil to consume raw is extra virgin olive oil. With mild characteristics, Santa Catarina olive oil is perfect in salads, sautéed vegetables, bread, fish, soups and meats.

Additional information

Composition: Maçanilha Algarvian and Galega olives. Maximum acidity 0.5%
Net weight: 250ml
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: 24 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature and protected from light


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