Rosé Wine Esquerdino – Quinta do Canhoto


The Esquerdino Rosé Wine produced from the Touriga Nacional variety has an elegant, long and unusual finish for a Rosé wine, making it unique.

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Quinta do Canhoto in Albufeira has belonged to the family since the 1950s, and its vineyards overlooking the sea grow there. In 2009 the family decided to reformulate the vineyards and build a cellar from scratch, in order to gather the ideal conditions to produce their own wine. Today we know him as Esquerdino – the leftie. They currently produce 6 varieties, this Esquerdino Rosé being the touriga nacional, the noblest variety in Portugal, capable of producing excellent varietal wines.

The berries have a thick skin and the variety adapts to different climatic conditions. However, it prefers places with high solar incidence and heat, in addition, the maritime climate with a strong Mediterranean influence, the strategic planting of rows creating wind circulation corridors and controlling the sun exposure of the vines makes it possible at Quinta do Canhoto to achieve a excellent balance and quality.

At Quinta do Canhoto, factors such as the choice of the plot and its altitude, the fact that the harvest is carried out in August when it still has little phenolic maturation, and the fermentation that is carried out at approximately 17º and with an open spout, gives this Esquerdino Rosé Touriga Nacional a terracotta red color, fresh fruity aroma of red fruits with slight floral notes. Pleasant harmony between volume, freshness and minerality, with an elegant, long and unusual finish for a Rosé wine, making it unique and distinct from the others. Despite its name, it’s not just a wine for lefties, but there are secrets that are revealed when a warm toast is celebrated with the left hand.


Moderate consumption of wine by healthy people is capable of bringing numerous health benefits. Excessive consumption has the opposite effect. In wine, the main polyphenol found is resveratrol, but there are also others in smaller amounts, such as tannins, flavonoids, anthocyanin, quercetin and ellagic acid. We can feel benefits in terms of the proper functioning of the heart, prevention of depression, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. It also improves digestion, is good for the skin, bones and strengthens the immune system, thus increasing longevity.

Usage suggestions

The Esquerdino Rosé Touriga Nacional is a wine full of creative Mediterranean riches with an original and genuine expression given by the Touriga Nacional variety. It becomes a treasure trove of flavors when served fresh and combined with fish, seafood, grilled poultry, vegetables and almonds from the Algarve.

Additional information

Composition: Touriga Nacional – 12% vol.
Net weight: 750ml
Type of packaging: Glass
Average validity time: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature and protected from light


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