Thyme Honey from the Algarve Hills


The Thyme Honey from  the Algarve Hills aromatic herb on, has an amber color, an intense and fragrant floral aroma with a hint of menthol and mint.

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Thyme is an aromatic herb, native to the Mediterranean, which is easily found in nature, its flavor can resemble that of oregano. Thyme honey has a light amber color with reddish tones.

Thymol gives this honey a very intense and fragrant floral aroma, with a hint of menthol and mint. Its flavor transports us to earth on a sweet journey. It contains a substance called carvacrol – which, according to recent studies, has been shown to influence mood by increasing levels of dopamine and serotonin.


Natural sweetener produced by bees in the Algarve mountains. It helps in increasing immunity by stimulating the production of white blood cells, has antioxidant action, and contributes to the reduction of blood pressure and bad cholesterol while increasing the good. It has antiseptic properties and the respiratory system is among the biggest beneficiaries of thyme consumption. Because it has an expectorant action and substances that help fight inflammation, it helps to treat and reduce the onset of respiratory diseases – such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies, colds and sinusitis. However, even with all these benefits, honey should be consumed in moderation. It is recommended to take 2 teaspoons of honey a day.

Usage suggestions

It can be added to teas, juices, lemonades, cookies, cakes or other culinary recipes. Additionally, it can also be used in beauty care, as a mask for skin and hair.

Additional information

Composition: 100% natural Thyme Flower Honey
Net weight: 250gr
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: 12 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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