Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Quinta Danaé

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Olive oil is often called “liquid gold”. Tasting a drop of extra virgin olive oil from Quinta Danaé is like entering the essence of the Algarve.
This Premium extra virgin olive oil is an explosion of aroma and flavor for the most demanding connoisseurs.

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Located in São Bartolomeu de Messines, this 6-hectare farm with 1000 olive trees has been a family farm since 2016. Here, the olives are harvested manually before they ripen and are cold-pressed (at temperatures below 27ºC ) through mechanical methods, without the addition of any chemical additives. This helps preserve the polyphenols in olives, thus maximizing their health benefits. Quinta Danaé controls the entire process, from tree pruning to biological treatment, harvesting, selection, pressing, filtering and bottling of EVOO olive oil.

The spicier the olive oil, the greater the amount of oleocanthal and the better its antioxidant action for the body. Furthermore, the maximum acidity of EVOO olive oil is 0.8%, while ordinary olive oil cannot exceed 2%. In the Algarve, there are several varieties of olives, but at Quinta Danaé, Maçanilha predominates, and it is with these olives that this golden elixir is produced with precision and passion. Its high quality is capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.

The world of olive oils is similar to that of fine wines, deserving the same dedication and passion. Year after year, we learn to appreciate different olive oils and combine them with the best dishes. The olive tree is deeply linked to mythology, defying the centuries (even today there are olive trees that are more than 4000 years old). It inspires a feeling of respect and admiration, and it is inevitable to look at it with reverence, after all, it is one of the oldest living beings in Portugal.


100ml, 250ml


Extra virgin olive oil is considered by the strict American FDA to be a home remedy with
benefits for the human body such as the presence of vitamin A and E and their mono and polysaturated fats that only animal proteins can replace, does not contribute for “bad” cholesterol and, above all, it is rich in heart-healthy antioxidants that end up lubricating the body’s cells.

Usage suggestions

When you taste Quinta Danae’s olive oil, you are tasting an oil that is not only a condiment for your kitchen, but also a discovery that gives dishes an explosion of aroma and flavor of the highest gastronomic profile. This explosion of olive oil flavor changes according to the variety of olives used for its production and that is what makes it so special. In this case it is the Maçanilha olive. Enjoy Premium EVOO olive oil, seasoning your dishes without cooking the oil.

Additional information

Composition: Maçanilha Olives
Net weight: 100ml / 250ml
Type of packaging: Glass with plastic lid
Average shelf life: 24 months
Conservation: Room temperature and dry, away from direct sunlight


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