Pollen from the Algarve Hills


This Pollen from Algarve Hills is a super food in terms of health benefits.

A 100% natural product from flower pollen, transported by bees.

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Pollen is a set of tiny granules produced by flowers for their reproduction. The small pollen grains cling to the bees’ feet and hair, and fall from flower to flower as they visit. When they return to the hives, the bees pass through pollen traps, placed by the beekeepers, to collect the granules that come loose. In the beekeepers’ house, the pollen is naturally dried until it takes the form of the small yellowish grains we know.

This product of flowers and bees is considered one of the most complete super foods and an authentic booster of general well-being. On average, bee pollen is approximately 35% protein, 40% natural sugars, 5% fat, 4% to 10% water and 5% to 15% other substances (such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants).


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