Fig and Almond Stars


The Fig and Almond Stars are 100% natural and typical sweet from the Algarve. Simple and delicious delicacy, ideal to accompany a glass of liqueur or brandy.
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The figs of the regional variety called Cotio, dried in the sun or roasted in wood ovens, are opened in the shape of a star and decorated with almonds at the ends. Due to their long conservation, they soon became a privileged food during the winter, when harvests are poorer. In order to surprise the eye and the palate, these two products began to be worked on in the most diverse ways and one of them is, without a doubt, the presentation of the Fig and Almond Stars. The soft and juicy fig contrasts irresistibly with the crunchy almond.

This simple but delicious delicacy is traditionally accompanied by a glass of brandy or liqueur at festivities.


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