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Tea Time Gift Basket

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The Tea Time Gift Basket offers the perfect snack to share with friends, between organic teas, roasted almonds with honey and typical homemade sweets from the Algarve.

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The Tea Time Basket offers you the perfect moment for a snack with friends during the afternoon. Through a selection of regional, organic products, handcrafted in the Algarve by local, genuine producers who value tradition.

The teas you find here are organic and grown by the hands of those who know the countryside well in the Barrocal Algarve. Peppermint Tea provides the palate with a refreshing experience due to the very pleasant mentholated flavor of this aromatic herb. In addition to being low in calories, Peppermint is rich in benefits thanks to the essential oils it contains, with excellent digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. While Purple Evergreen Tea is traditionally used to treat vocal cords, its flavor is pleasant and the dried flowers leave the tea infusion an appealing magenta color.

To accompany any of these delicious teas with multiple health benefits, we offer you in this basket several sweet delicacies, made by hand. The fruits of the almond trees grown in abundance in the Algarve, in an irresistible version of Toasted Almonds with Honey, from sweet with salty nuances to crunchy, this is one of those appetizers that you won’t be able to stop tasting… The famous Doce Fino do Algarve, made with art by the confectioners who mold small figures of fruits, vegetables or animals and fill them with egg threads, giving shape, color and unique flavor to these typical Algarve sweets. The Almond Cakes made using a homemade recipe with products from the orchard and the creamy Algarve Almond Butter made from 100% natural products, without sugar or additives, ideal for spreading on bread, toast, pancakes or crepes, adding an absolutely natural sweet and healthy.

All these products are like a little bit of the Algarve sun that we can take with us anywhere, to remember and make known to friends who don’t yet know the mild climate, the paradisiacal beaches, the rich mountains and the region’s unique and famous cuisine. south of Portugal.


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