“Doce Fino” – Almond Marzipan from Algarve


The Doce Fino from Algarve is a small typical sweet, made of almond dough (marzipan) and filling and egg jam. Regional Algarve production and handcrafted.

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As part of the typical sweets of the Algarve, these small cakes molded in detail in a wide range of shapes, are made with almond dough and filled with egg jam, thought to be of Arab origin. It is believed that they originate from convent sweets and that they have become traditional in the Algarve because this region is an important producer of almonds. During the process of making these cakes, the almonds are grated very well and mixed with sugar and egg whites until soft. Balls are made, opening a cavity to place the egg strands and molding according to the desired shape. In this final phase, the artistic work is the result of creativity that allows obtaining the most varied forms and aspects.

These candies are well known for their colorful and diverse appearance, most often resembling fruits, vegetables, but also animals, objects and other finishes that give them an inviting appearance. Here imagination has no limits.


In addition to providing a moment of conviviality, it can also contribute to improving your good mood.

Usage suggestions

To taste in private with family or friends. Or also as a sweet gift to take as a souvenir to friends.

Additional informatio

Composition: Almond, Sugar, Eggs, Water, food coloring
Net weight: 160gr
Type of packaging: Card
Average validity time: 1 month
Conservation: Ambient temperature and protected from light


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