Toasted Almonds from Algarve with Honey


Toasted Almonds from Algarve with honey, fleur de sel, sugar and coconut oil. An aperitif rich in flavors and texture, sweet with salty nuances, and crunchy.

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The almond, honey, fleur de sel and sea salt used in this combination of flavors are genuinely Algarve products. Honey is real, like what we get in a jar. The almond is harvested by hand with all due respect for its origins. Roasting the almonds is just the beginning of the story… Without rushing, we let them rest with the coconut oil to heat up, while waiting for the honey to give it the caramelized texture that helps it to absorb all the natural soul that the coconut sugar and sea salt have to offer.

The final product is an aperitif rich in flavors and texture. From the sweet with salty nuances to the crispy that the toasted almonds provide us, it is an unforgettable experience for the palate.


Handcrafted, without any additives or preservatives, it is a good alternative to industrialized snacks. In addition to providing a moment of conviviality, you can also enjoy it in the comfort of your sofa watching a movie. It helps to improve your mood. Vegetarian Product.

Usage suggestions

To enjoy in private, in the company of family or friends. Or also as a gift to take as a souvenir to friends.

Additional information

Composition: Algarve Almond Toasted (85%), Honey (9.1%), Flor de Sal, Sea Salt, Coconut Sugar and Coconut Oil.
Net weight: 120gr
Type of packaging: Cardboard and Aluminum
Average shelf life: 24 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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