In this basket you will find:

  • Organic Herbal Tea: A refreshing mix of organic herbs, inspired by the landscapes of the Algarve mountains. Choose between Príncipe or Perpétua Roxa tea, both are perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing or diving.
  • Fig Jam: Made from locally sourced figs, this compote has a rich, sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with cheese or as a topping on toast or pancakes.
  • Sardine Pâté: A spreadable spread based on sardines, ideal for spreading on toast or crackers.
  • Olives: A selection of the best olives in the Algarve, hand-picked and naturally packed in a salt and lemon brine.
  • Oregano: This fragrant herb is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, perfect for seasoning meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Carob Mini Tablets: This natural chocolate substitute made from carob, a naturally sweet local ingredient, has a unique flavor and is a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate. You can enjoy it in the 4 available versions.

This welcome basket is a great way to experience the regional flavors of the Algarve and a perfect souvenir of your trip. All products are carefully selected and will help you create delicious meals and enjoy the best of Algarve cuisine in the mountains or by the sea.

“Taste from the Mountains & Sea” Welcome Box


*Unit price (incl. VAT) for a minimum purchase of 3 boxes

Introducing the Taste of the Mountains and Sea” Welcome Box, a careful selection of the best coastal products in the region. The perfect way to start of a holiday, this box contains a taste of just about everything the Algarve has to offer by the sea.

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