Fig Jam from Guia


Fig Jam from Guia is produced by hand at Quinta dos Avós, favoring natural, local, organic and preservative-free ingredients.

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The fig is one of the protagonists among the delicacies of the Algarve as part of the traditional diet. Founded in 1958, Quinta dos Avós is an artisanal production unit with agricultural activity, located in Algoz, Algarve region. In 1989, the artisanal manufacture of convent sweets began, focusing on natural, local, organic and preservative-free ingredients.

The quality of its products has already been well recognized with awards at an international level.


Delicious and nutritious, fig offers several health benefits, as it is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, fiber, potassium and magnesium. This artisanal sweet is a tasty alternative that brings us closer to the memory of the fresh fruit, but its consumption should be moderate, taking into account the sugars present in its composition.

Usage suggestions

On toast or bread for breakfast or as a snack with tea, coffee or juice. We also suggest, by personal preference, pairing it with fresh cheese or pâtés.

Additional information

Composition: Fig (own production) and sugar. 60gr of fig and 49.1gr total of sugars per 100gr
Net weight: 265gr
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: 24 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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