Carob, Almond and Milk Mini Tablet


The Carob, Almond and Milk Tablet offers a crunchy velvet experience that brings together the most distinctive and exquisite flavors of the Mediterranean.

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From the locust bean harvest on hot summer days to the manufacture and packaging of the final products, Carob World monitors the entire value chain, in order to ensure the quality of the manufacturing process and its products. After the traditional harvest, the pods undergo the first processing: mechanical crushing to separate the pulp from the seeds. The pulp then undergoes a milling and micronization process, where it is reduced to a powder and toasted to capture a variety of flavors. Finally, carob powder reaches the hands of Carob World’s food engineers, who will combine it with other ingredients for the ideal result. Carob, from the Algarve, is processed and manufactured in Faro, capital of the southern region of Portugal.

The carob is carefully harvested by hand and the almond is roasted at the perfect time. The result is a crunchy velvet experience that brings together the most distinct and exquisite flavors of the Mediterranean, lingering on the palate.


Rich in fiber, carob has an antioxidant power superior to wine, rich in calcium and magnesium, essential nutrients to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and contribute to increasing the level of pain tolerance. They are considered essential minerals in the diet of pregnant women as a way of strengthening the bones, heart, nerves and muscles of both mother and baby.

Usage suggestions

Ideal for simple tasting, with tea or coffee, in private or in the company of family or friends.

Additional information

Composition:Vegetable fat (palm, coconut, shea), maltodextrin, carob flour (14%), skimmed milk powder (11%), toasted almond pieces (10%). Emulsifiers: soy lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate. Sweetener: sucralose.
Net weight: 12gr
Type of packaging: Aluminium
Average shelf life: 24 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature and protected from light


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