Sliced Smoked Ham from the Algarve Upland


High Sliced Smoked Ham (“Presunto“) made in the tradition of the ancestors, without preservatives or chemicals. It contributes to a more selective diet and where its origin can be traced.

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It is in the Algarve, a few kilometers from coastal tourism, that the most depopulated and aging municipality in the country is located, where the soil is not very productive and increasingly subject to drought. Even so, there are those who bet on this territory of Baixo Guadiana, where climate change is already a reality.

We are talking about the Algarve municipality of Alcoutim, where, on our way to the village of Zambujal, we saw partridges, junipers, rockroses, cork oak forests and vegetable gardens.

It is in this village that we find the Jerónimo family business. A micro-enterprise created by brothers Rui and Manuel. This company arises from the love for their land, the land of their ancestors and the fact that they believe in the possibility of producing high quality products on a traditional basis.

From the nostalgia of their childhood and youth, the memory of the times they shared with their four grandparents who were already dedicated in different ways and naturally in small numbers to the rearing of Alentejo/Iberian pigs, they decided to return. Knowing the territory and with some plots of land where there are many holm oaks with acorns available in Autumn/Winter, they used a large part of the know-how and experience of our people… to make this challenge grow.

The piglets are born in the mountains and it is there that they spend their entire lives, they are fed with what nature offers, although due to the drought it is necessary to supplement with cereals (corn, barley, fava beans), figs, garden scraps, grass, acorns… A high quality food, 100% natural.

Respect for the traditional, for the cycles of nature and the seasons of the year mean that production only takes place between autumn and winter.


In a varied diet, consumption of this snack is recommended in moderation.

Usage suggestions

Just to enjoy in excellent company, accompanied by a good glass of wine and lots of joy.

Additional information

Composition: Pork leg and salt
Net weight: 150 gr
Type of packaging: Plastic
Average shelf life: 12 months
Conservation: Fresh and dry temperature


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