The Merriest Christmas Gift Basket

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Experience the most joyous season with ‘The Merriest Christmas’ gift basket, a celebration of the Algarve’s finest offerings curated for the most festive of occasions. Each carefully selected item within this basket encapsulates the essence of this radiant region, promising a flavorful journey through its diverse landscapes

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Toast to the holidays with the effervescence of Sparkling Wine from ‘Barranco Longo’, a renowned vineyard nestled amid the sun-soaked hills of the Algarve. Let every sip be a celebration of local winemaking expertise and the terroir that gifts this sparkling gem its distinctive charm.

Indulge in the golden sweetness of honey sourced from the hills of the Algarve, a nectar infused with the fragrances of wildflowers and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Complementing this, relish the flavors of the mountains with thinly sliced smoked ham, a testament to the region’s artisanal tradition and time-honored techniques.

Savor the Mediterranean essence with crushed olives, a true embodiment of the Algarve’s abundant olive groves, offering a taste that reflects the terroir’s richness and complexity. And as a crowning touch, enjoy the intricately crafted olive dish, a handmade and excluvice piece that showcases the region’s dedication to craftsmanship and functionality.

‘The Merriest Christmas’ gift basket is a symphony of flavors and craftsmanship, a heartfelt invitation to revel in the bounty of the Algarve during this festive season. Share the joy, warmth, and distinctiveness of this radiant region with this exquisite ensemble, designed to create unforgettable holiday moments.


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