Carob and Almond Spread


Carob spread is a tempting temptation that combines the passion for creamy and a careful selection of the best products from the Algarve. The best substitute for chocolate.

Select your favorite mixture, Carob and Almond with or without milk.

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From harvesting the carob during hot summer days to the manufacturing and packaging process of final products, Carob World closely monitors the entire value chain to guarantee the quality of the manufacturing process of its products.

After conventional harvesting, the pods undergo a first processing stage, which consists of mechanical crushing to separate the pulp from the seeds. Next, the pulp is subjected to a grinding and micronization process, in which it is reduced to powder and toasted to enhance a variety of flavors. Finally, the carob powder is delivered to Carob World’s food engineers, who combine it with other ingredients to achieve the ideal result.

The carob is harvested with manual care and the almonds are toasted at the ideal time. The result is a velvety textured experience that brings together the most distinct and refined flavors of the Mediterranean, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.


Carob and Almond, Carob, Almond and Milk


Rich in fiber, vitamins and natural antioxidants, gluten-free and with a sweet and pleasant flavor, it brings together great culinary versatility.
Therefore, carob products are a healthy and delicious choice for those who want to enjoy flavors similar to chocolate, but with additional nutritional benefits reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Usage Suggestions

Carob can be used in a variety of recipes, such as cakes, cookies, cereal bars and even as a substitute for cocoa in desserts, providing a unique touch of flavor. With this cream you can enjoy it as a spread on your toast, pancakes, scones, or complement your favorite desserts or snacks.

Additional information

Composition: Sweetener (steviol glycosides), Maltodextrin, vegetable oil and fat (shea), toasted almond paste (20%), carob flour (15%), may contain traces of milk.
Net weight: 30g
Type of packaging: glass
Average shelf life: 2 years
Conservation: Protect from direct sunlight. Dry and cool place (18ºC-22ºC)

Allergens: Almond. Milk


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