Organic Carob Syrup


Discover nature’s secret kept in the lush landscapes of the Algarve – Bio Carob Syrup. Made with just two simple ingredients, pure water and organic carob pulp, this syrup is the true essence of simplicity and authenticity.
This syrup has a characteristic flavor, similar to chocolate, with notes of caramel and toffee, making it a delicious addition to various recipes, such as cakes, smoothies, yogurts, desserts and much more.

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In the heart of the Algarve, where the sun shines brightly and carob trees grow in abundance, we find the perfect raw material for this culinary treasure. By opting for natural, local and organic ingredients, we managed to create a product that delights the senses with its unique and incomparable flavor.

Carob is a legume with a rich Mediterranean history and, here in the Algarve, it reaches its maximum expression. Carefully harvested by hand and processed with the utmost respect for its natural purity, the carob pulp used is the finest available. The result is a syrup that captures the authentic essence of carob, with its velvety, sweet flavor that evokes memories of childhood and tradition.

By choosing Bio Carob Syrup, you are opting for a product that celebrates the best that the Algarve has to offer. Every drop of this syrup is a tribute to the beauty of the region and the quality of the ingredients that nature provides us.


Bio Carob Syrup offers a series of health benefits, as well as being a natural and delicious alternative to refined sugar. Remember that, like any sweetener, consumption of carob syrup should be moderate, even though it is a healthier alternative to refined sugar. It is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist before making significant changes to your diet, especially if you have specific medical conditions.
Carob is naturally rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin B and vitamin E) and minerals (such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium). Carob syrup is an excellent source of soluble fiber.

Usage suggestions

Whether used to sweeten your breakfast, add a special touch to desserts or as a secret ingredient in your favorite recipes, Algarve Bio Carob Syrup is the perfect choice for those who value quality, purity and authentic flavor. . Discover the unique flavor of the Algarve and fall in love with this syrup that is much more than a simple sweetener – it is a culinary experience that will transport you directly to the sunny fields of southern Portugal. Indulge in the best of nature, in the form of Algarve Bio Carob Syrup.

Additional information

Composition: 65% Carob Pulp and water
Net weight: 230g
Type of packaging: Glass and metal (lid)
Average shelf life: 1 year
Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place (18ºC-22ºC)

Allergen: N/A


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