“Broas do Algarve” – Typical Cookies


Enjoy the true essence of the Algarve with these handmade “broas” (cookies), a culinary delicacy that carries with it centuries of refined flavours and authentic ingredients.

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Since ancient times, the almond, carob and fig have been the foundations of our rich gastronomic heritage, and now we invite you to savour that history in every bite.

Broas do Algarve” are a testament to our respect for ancestral traditions and our passion for unrivalled quality. With a commitment to using natural, local and organic ingredients, we offer you a unique treat. Free from artificial flavours, preservatives, colourings, hydrogenated fats and margarine, these broas are a tribute to the purity and authenticity of flavours and the simplicity of nature.

Each piece is an artisan masterpiece, designed to offer a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. The almond, with its crunchy texture and delicate flavour, the carob, with its natural sweetness and chocolatey accents, and the fig, with its soft juiciness and unmistakable sweetness, combine harmoniously to create an exclusive and irresistible taste.

By choosing “Broas do Algarve“, you’re not only pampering your taste buds, but also supporting local farmers and the sustainable practices we deeply value. Each bite is a tribute to the land that provides us with these natural treasures, as well as to the commitment to craftsmanship that guarantees the exceptional quality you deserve.

Immerse yourself in the purity of the Algarve and savour each authentic note and become part of this delicious story that connects us to the past while propelling us towards the future.

These typical cookies are packaged in a box specifically designed for this purpose.


Enjoy “Broas do Algarve“, made with almonds, carob beans and figs. These handmade delicacies offer authentic and unique flavours, without artificial additives. They are rich in fibre, provide energy and benefit heart health. Choosing “Broas do Algarve” means supporting local agriculture and enjoying an enriching sensory experience, linking tradition and nutrition.

Usage suggestions

Remember that “Broas do Algarve” are a culinary treasure rich in flavour and history, and their versatility offers a multitude of creative ways to enjoy this unique delicacy. As a snack at any time of the day, as an appetiser with cheeses or pâtés, in desserts as a crumble, topping for ice cream, mousses, yoghurts or even broken into pieces and used as a crumble in salads to add texture and a sweet touch.

Additional information

Composition: Wheat flour (gluten), sugar, eggs, butter, almonds, figs, carob, cinnamon and yeast
Net weight: 500g
Type of packaging: Cardboard and metal (lid)
Average shelf life: 1 year
Conservation: Room temperature

Allergen: Wheat flour (gluten), eggs, butter and almonds


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