Toasted Carob Flour


Naturally sweet and rich in nutrients, roasted carob flour is a good alternative to chocolate. This is natural and produced locally in Bengado, in São Brás de Alportel in the Algarve.
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Umarroba carob flour is a healthier alternative to chocolate, naturally sweet and rich in nutrients. At Umarroba, the carob pods are harvested in a traditional way and by hand. The pods then go through the first processing step: mechanical crushing to separate the pulp from the seeds. Then, the pulp undergoes a milling and micronization process, where it is reduced to powder. When the particles reach their ideal size, the powder is toasted to awaken a variety of flavors.

For all these reasons, carob flour is a product that is extremely rich in benefits and versatile as a raw material for a varied palette of uses. Umarroba is a family business that uses carob from the Algarve, processed and manufactured at its facilities in Bengado, São Brás de Alportel.


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