Spray Air Freshener


These fragrance diffusers are completely handcrafted and all products are meticulously handmade, with great care and attention to detail.
They are great for making your home or office a cozy and harmonious place.

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The spray air fresheners are the result of a project developed by young, environmentally conscious residents of Faro. They were designed with special attention to the experience that smells provide, as well as the memories they trigger. There is a remarkable connection between odors and memories. Sometimes, certain fragrances have the power to instantly transport us to distant times or places. Explore the various air freshener scents and discover how far each one is capable of carrying you. You can use them to scent the rooms in your home, office or even your car.

These fragrance diffusers are completely handcrafted, with all products carefully crafted by hand, with great care and attention to detail. The basis of its production is conscious and environmentally friendly. The products for flavoring spaces are packaged in glass bottles with conscious ecological characteristics, are recyclable and come from renewable sources.

Despite being handcrafted, these diffusers use certified components, thus guaranteeing superior quality and safety. They also feature a visually appealing design, with simple and timeless lines, which makes them suitable for any environment or space. Try one of the available fragrances and be proud to be using a 100% artisanal and sustainable product, produced in the Algarve. By doing so, you will be supporting commendable initiatives and promoting traditional and local commerce.


Homey Time, Light Amber

Usage suggestions

Aromatize fabrics and environments, leaving any room with a pleasant aroma quickly and lastingly.
It can be used on curtains, sheets, mattresses, sofas, cushions, in every room of your home, in the office and even inside your car.
Shake before use and keep the bottle in an upright position. Turn the safety knob and spray as many times as necessary until you reach the desired intensity.
Spray from a distance of 30/40 centimeters and pay attention to the most sensitive fabrics/surfaces.

Additional information

Composition: Eco-solvent + essential oils/fragrance. The eco-solvent is made from a renewable source, the main raw material is glycerin, with soy as the main source, which makes its molecular weight 70% renewable. Excellent solubilizing power, low evaporation rate and low odor, without inhalation or respiratory toxicity, even for long periods of exposure.
Net weight: 200ml, 338g
Type of packaging: Glass with plastic vaporizer
Average validity time: Depends on your use
Conservation: Cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


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