Zen Basket


The Zen Basket brings you the essentials to create a relaxing nighttime routine. Prepare mint tea, cleanse your skin with natural soap and hydrate it like a moisturizer.

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We know the importance of self-care and implementing a healthy nighttime routine that contributes to restful and restful sleep. With that in mind, we created the Zen Basket that will allow you to slow down, relax and enjoy a calming moment at the end of the day.

Let yourself be carried away by our proposal. The Organic Mint Tea, which acts as a tranquilizer, will help to reduce stress, while stimulating and strengthening the immune system, thus contributing to a better general well-being. If your skin is dry, sensitive or dehydrated, opt for Rose Soap and Rose Geranium Moisturizing Cream that will help increase collagen production and improve cell regeneration, thus contributing to a more hydrated and smooth skin.

Create a ritual. For a restful night, try taking a nice hot shower with one of our Natural Soaps and then hydrate your skin with the Rose Geranium Cream. Finish the routine with a delicious organic mint tea and have sweet dreams.

All products in this basket are:
100% Vegetables | 100% Natural
Biodegradable | Without Dyes | No Preservatives | No Synthetic Fragrances


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