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Zen Basket

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The Zen Basket brings you the essentials to create a relaxing nighttime routine. Prepare some tea, cleanse and hydrate your skin with one of our natural and artisanal products.

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We know the importance of self-care and implementing a healthy nighttime routine that contributes to peaceful, restful sleep. With this in mind, we created the Zen Basket that will allow you to slow down, relax and enjoy a calming moment at the end of the day.

Let yourself be carried away by our proposal. Organic Mint and Purple Perpétua teas, which act as a calming agent, will help reduce stress, while also stimulating and strengthening the immune system, thus contributing to better general well-being. If your skin is dry, sensitive or dehydrated, opt for artisanal soaps and moisturizing creams and oils that will help increase collagen production and improve cell regeneration, thus contributing to more hydrated and softer skin.

Create a ritual. For a restful night, try taking a nice hot shower with one of our Natural Soaps and then leaving it to rest in the soap dish chosen especially for you and made from scratch by the hands of a talented artisan. Then hydrate your skin with one of our creams. End your routine with a delicious organic tea and have sweet dreams.

All products in this basket are:
100% Vegetable | 100% Natural
Biodegradable | No Dyes | No Preservatives | No Synthetic Fragrances


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