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Wellness Gift Basket

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The Wellbeing Basket offers you a daily self-care routine with natural products made by hand in the Algarve: soaps, soap dishes, moisturizing creams, massage oil, aromatic candles and air fresheners.

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Make your combination, think of yourself, your family, friends or collaborators and order your basket.
With the Wellbeing Basket we bring you a healthy and natural proposal for daily self-care. Whether for a revitalizing routine in the morning or for a relaxing moment at night before bed.

Choose your favorites. You can opt for one of our soy wax candles with essential oils and choose between the delicate aromas of spices or the sweet fragrance of orange to perfume and create a welcoming environment. As a suggestion, there are also air fresheners for the entire home or office, with aromas that convey tranquility and inspiration. And also natural air fresheners for your cabinets and drawers. Among the soaps, we offer several options with different properties: Roses, Calendula, Esteva or the combination of Orange and Turmeric. And to hydrate your body, you can choose between the gentle Rose Geranium Cream or the Lavender Moisturizer or the Relaxing Lavender Oil. Find out more about its therapeutic and natural properties on each product page.

We know the importance of self-care and implementing these routines in our busy daily lives, which is why we bring you this Well-Being Basket that will guarantee you to slow down and relax.

Create a ritual. Dedicate a little time to pampering yourself. Light one of our candles, cleanse your facial skin with one of our Natural Soaps or Exfoliants and finish with gentle hydration with the Rose Geranium Cream, for your body there is the Lavender Moisturizer or the Relaxing Almond Oil Sweets and Lavender. Take a deep breath and enjoy your moment of tranquility while balancing your energies.

All of these products are from local brands of natural products and produced by hand, they were born from the need to find elements that clean and nourish the skin without causing any reaction. Each one has their mentors, all from the Algarve and who have always had contact with the flora of the Algarve mountains and its benefits. Out of necessity, they began to study the best way to use nature to their advantage and improved the formulas. First for personal use, then for family and friends, but it quickly turned into a business. Once you try them, you will understand why!

All products in this basket are:
100% Vegetable | 100% Natural
Biodegradable | No Dyes | No Preservatives | No Synthetic Fragrances


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