Mixed Cookies


Of Arab origin and with conventual influence, these Mixed Cookies bring together the different sweet flavors typical of the region. Made by hand, using a 100% homemade recipe.

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These cookies are ff Arab origin and with conventual influence (18th century), Algarve sweets already have a long tradition in knowing how to use figs, almonds, cinnamon and carob. Many of them continue to be made by confectioners in their homes in an artisanal way. In São Bartolomeu de Messines, Mrs. Telma Palma soon passed on the art of Algarve sweets to him. With his own production of figs, almonds and carobs, in addition to these flavors he also decided to use cinnamon and make this delicious assortment. It was half a dozen years ago that she decided to get her hands dirty again and revive her mother’s recipes.

These Mixed Cookies are a sweet result of these years of learning and tradition.
In one package you can experience the flavors of carob, almond and cinnamon.
With ingredients from the orchard, in a homemade recipe, made by Algarve hands in a family production. Definitely, these sweet and crunchy cookies are a guaranteed comfort to the soul and the palate.


Homemade, without additives and preservatives, they are a healthier alternative to processed biscuits, cookies and cakes. It also helps to improve your mood and good disposition.

Usage suggestions

In addition to providing a convivial moment, it goes very well with your tea, coffee or milk. To enjoy in private, in the company of family or friends. Or also as a gift to take as a souvenir to friends.

Additional information

Composition: Almond, Orange, Sugar, Flour, Carob Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Cinnamon, Eggs, Butter, Salt
Net weight: 200gr
Type of packaging: Plastic
Average shelf life: 2 months
Conservation: Ambient temperature
Allergens: contains eggs, almonds and gluten (flour)


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