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Driven by their passion for the energy of the Sun, the tranquility of the Sea and the majesty of the Mountains, Algarve Tasting Basket challenged Clarisa to create these adorable blue soap dishes in the shape of a fish and not forgetting the seahorse so characteristic of the Ria Formosa, invoking the sea and the beach.
Don’t hesitate to add a genuine touch to your home with these entirely handcrafted soap dishes, designed to enhance the beauty of your handmade soaps.

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Each of these pieces is meticulously handcrafted by Clarisa, in her picturesque studio, to the sound of nature and in the company of her beloved pets, with incomparable affection and dedication.

The soap dishes are sculpted in white clay (earthenware) and, after being molded manually, they go through a drying process that can last 2 to 3 days, or even longer. After drying, they are carefully fired in a ceramic kiln (“muffle“), reaching a high temperature of 800ºC, resulting in the so-called “chacota“. After the oven has cooled, the soap dishes are removed, artistically painted and glazed, and then subjected to a second firing that reaches 1000ºC. This process gives the pieces a long-lasting enamel, making them completely water resistant and dishwasher safe.

Support local artisans in the Algarve and bring a unique tradition and exceptional quality into your home, with handmade soap dishes, with all the love and dedication.


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