Handmade Earrings from the Algarve

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Magnificent handmade earrings inspired by Algarve nature.
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Catarina – Feitios

Feitios is a Portuguese brand with the mission to empower all women, providing them with a constant feeling of beauty and uniqueness. This project originated during the pandemic, when the desire to create and express oneself could no longer be contained within four walls. Catarina’s inspiration is the world around her, what she sees and experiences, including feelings and memories. Generally, Catarina starts by organizing the color palette she intends to use and then studies the formats that each collection will have.

The pieces are meticulously crafted from polymer clay, completely kneaded and shaped by hand. After reaching the desired shape, they are cooked in the oven. The components used are made of stainless steel, giving the pieces exceptional lightness and comfort. Originally from Loulé, this artisan and designer is the proud owner of this small business. The special and unique pieces she creates are inspired by the nature that surrounds her, as well as typical Algarve products, such as almonds and oranges. At Algarve Tasting Basket, you will find two of these collections: one inspired by the almond flower (2cm diameter) and the other by the wonderful oranges (1.5cm diameter)

It is important to highlight that, being a manual creation, not all pieces are strictly identical, and there may be greater or lesser differences between them depending on what the final plan of the work looks like. We hope that, when wearing these earrings, you will enjoy a special and unique feeling, appreciating exclusive pieces created with passion and dedication.


Almond Flower, Oranges


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