Dried Field Flowers


Small bouquet of dried Flowers from the Barrocal and the Algarve mountains.

Surprise friends, family, employees or clients by completing your gift with one of these sprigs, demonstrating the thoughtfulness and care of those who offer a gift with all their affection.

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ATB Sra Otilia PaulaAs well as picking the leaves of the dwarf palm to make baskets, Mrs. Odília also harvests various flowers that are so characteristic of our Algarve. We’re talking about everlasting or curry grass, wheat, cat’s-paw (Centaurium erythraea), marcelão, sage, rosemary, lavender and thyme.

In 1989, she decided to take a course in flower arranging to shape the wonderful sprigs into centerpieces and wreaths. In this way, she is able to preserve the durability of the dried plants she finds on her walks through the hills and fields of the Barrocal.

In addition to their delicious scent, some of these plants also have various therapeutic benefits, according to local traditions. Simply place them in various areas of your home and the magic will happen for you.


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