Solid Air Fresheners


These fragrance fresheners are completely handcrafted and all products are meticulously handmade, with great care and attention to detail.
They are great for scenting cabinets or drawers.

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The solid air fresheners are the result of a project developed by young, environmentally conscious residents of Faro. They were designed with special attention to the experience that smells provide, as well as the memories they trigger. There is a remarkable connection between odors and memories. Sometimes, certain fragrances have the power to instantly transport us to distant times or places. Explore the various air freshener scents and discover how far each one is capable of carrying you. You can use them to scent cabinets and drawers. Give free rein to your creativity and make the best use of these irreverent air fresheners.

These solid air fresheners are completely handcrafted, meticulously crafted by hand, with great care and attention to detail. The basis of this enterprise is conscious and environmentally friendly production. The products are made from soy wax, completely vegan and not tested on animals, free from parabens and toxic substances. By purchasing these air fresheners, you will be bringing harmony to your drawers and cabinets, as they are created with great care and care with your well-being in mind.

Don’t hesitate to try one of our fragrances and share it with those you care most about, contributing to the dissemination of a 100% artisanal, sustainable product, produced in the Algarve and supporting such worthy initiatives, while at the same time promoting traditional trade and proximity. You can also personalize your events, such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays and special dates with our products.


Golden Hour, Lavender, Pink Love

Usage suggestions

Hang on a hanger or in your closet.
Place it in a drawer or anywhere else you want, but it works great in small spaces.
To avoid wax stains on fabrics, leave your air freshener inside the organza, linen or cotton bag.
This air freshener is not suitable for the car as it may melt when exposed to heat inside the vehicle.
Keep away from children and pets.
This product has an advantage, as it is made of wax, we advise that when you think it has lost its aroma, do not throw it away, place it on a burner. It will melt and release the aroma a little more. It works like recycling or a new life for the same product.

Additional information

Composition: soy wax, fragrances and dried flowers
Net weight: 28g
Packaging type: Organza bag
Average shelf life: 3 months, which can give a second life when used on a burner to harmonize the environment.
Conservation: Cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


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