Sardine Keychain or Bookmarker

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Once upon a time there was a Button…
It was born from the creativity of Teresa Correia and an inherited button in the shape of a necklace!
This button was joined by other buttons, coming from the sewing boxes of her mothers, aunts, friends… and other materials and techniques that she learned with the curiosity to occupy her hands.
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Thus, utilitarian and decorative objects emerge, 100% handmade, inspired by Portuguese references, but with a contemporary touch – they are a link between the past and the design desired in the present. It’s creating that comes true, no matter waking up early!

And from this inspiration came these key rings with colorful fabrics in the shape of sardines so characteristic of the Algarve coast.
Along the same lines, she also created book dividers combining them with the same fabrics as the key rings. Together they form a beautiful set to offer as a souvenir of the crafts made in the Algarve.
As cork is also a reference to the Algarve’s heritage, very characteristic of the municipality of São Brás de Alportel, Teresa also chose to combine the two things and represent some of her sardines with sheet cork.

Together or separately, be sure to surprise your friends, colleagues and family with one of these little treats.


Bookmarker, Keychain, Set of Sardines


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