Brutal – Spicy Honey Liqueur


Honey and chilli liqueur with fig brandy.
Dare to indulge in a unique sensory experience that blends sweet and spicy in a liqueur typical of the Algarve.

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This extraordinary liqueur is a sublime combination of flavours that awakens the senses. The soft, delicate sweetness of the honey from the Algarve is skilfully harmonised with the rich flavour of the fig brandy, which is produced in the Algarve mountains in the traditional way using a wood-fired alembic. In addition, the addition of Habaneros gives a spicy and intense flavour that challenges the most courageous palates.
Enjoying this exquisite drink requires serving it chilled, so that each sip is an explosion of sensations. The combination of the flavours of honey, fig brandy and spicy Habanero offers a truly unique sensory experience. Each sup provides a balanced harmony between sweet and spicy, creating an intense and memorable taste pleasure.
This is a liqueur intended only for the most fearless, those who dare to take on the challenge of savouring a bold and intriguing blend.
The spiciness level of this liqueur is medium.


Given its alcohol content, it should be consumed in moderation. In small doses it has an excellent effect on the immune system and improves mood. Usually used as a digestive aid, especially after heavier meals. It is important to remember that liquor consumption should be done in moderation and responsibly. These benefits are based on natural ingredients, but each person may react differently.
Alcoholic beverages are forbidden to persons under 18 years of age and pregnant and lactating women.

Usage suggestions

Drink it chilled as a digestive and in moderate quantities, detecting the richness of this combination of flavours. It is customary to drink the drink slowly, in small sips, enjoying the aroma, the spiciness and the sweetness. You can add a few ice cubes to the glass according to preference. ideal for moments of relaxation and pleasure.

Additional information

Composition: Fig brandy, honey, Habanero chilli. 20% vol.
Net weight: 200ml
Type of packaging: Glass
Average shelf life: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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