Algarve Carob Brownies


The Carob Cookies from the Algarve are handmade, in a 100% homemade recipe with fruits from the family orchard. A sweet comfort to the soul and the palate.
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The Algarve sweets already have a long tradition in knowing how to use carob, almond and orange, typical and abundant fruits of the region. Many of them continue to be made by the confectioners in their homes in an artisanal way. In São Bartolomeu de Messines, Mrs. Telma Palma soon transmitted to him the art of Algarve sweets. With her own fig and almond tree cultivation, it was half a dozen years ago that she decided to get her hands dirty again and revive her mother’s recipes.

With ingredients from the orchard, in a homemade recipe, these Carob Cookies are made by Algarve hands in a family production. The dark color that carob gives them reminds us of chocolate, but here in a healthier and equally tasty version. Definitely, these cookies are a guaranteed warmth for the soul and the palate.


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